Monday, October 7, 2013

The best baby shower

      I'm very lazy to update my blog, but I have to write down and memorize the amazing baby shower night.

      My sisters Meghan and Kenzie they planned the whole baby shower for me. They have secretly planned it long time. The next day after Meghan arrived in Utah, she went to Kenzie’s house, they were decorating Kenzie’s house until midnight. ooooh :(

      They tried to give me lots of surprises and didn’t let me know how much they did. But I know all of their work and understand all of the details about it. The party has many Asian styles. The party's color is black, white and pink. Party's major things are panda and Chinese plum flower, which are black, white and pink color. The table cloth is pink color and they paint a big Chinese plum flower tree on the top of the table cloth. Hmm... so deep meaning and thoughtful.
the baby's blanket is black, white, pink color with dots and chevron, love it!!
                                             the panda looks so cute, it is on my fridge now.
pandas with plum flowers
the gifts for us, panda crackers inside, yummy!!
panda cake from mom :D

     They invited my family and friends came to the baby shower, which gave me big surprise too. I didn’t even know how could they connect with them and send them the invitations.

                                               Aunts are working for the baby's blanket!
My cousins and sisters are working for baby's hair clips!

      My family and friends are very generous to baby Sophia, she got lots of presents that night. They also spend long time make the special presents for her.
Some of the presents
Cate very helpful, she helped me open presents ;)

      It was a wonderful and successful baby shower. Everything is perfect! Thanks for the two beautiful and hard working ladies! They are so smart and creative. I’m so lucky and proud to have them as my sisters!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

NO.2 Valentine's Day

       Janny is sick these days, so we had a simple dinner at home. I saw a website teaching people how to make rose shape steam bread, so I copied it and made some rose steam bread as our Valentine’s Day flowers.

       It took me long time making the dough and waiting it to raise 2 times size. I didn’t wait it became 2 size bigger, because Janny was almost home. Then the bread was not soft and puffy, failed…
hard bread rose :/
Janny's dish (original fish)
My dish (better fish)

Our dishes
       Janny just ate a little bit of his food, he felt uncomfortable. I hope it was not because of my food. But luckily, I helped him finished his food. Hmm… yummy~

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa came to us

       This year’s Christmas we celebrated for 3 days. The first day was Dec 23rd; we went to the church to saw Kenzie and Cate’s programs. It was so cool; Kenzie sang many songs, the beautiful voice I can still remember. Cate sang a song with many other children, she did a wonderful job. Maddie gave her a big hug, that’s so sweet. After church’s programs, we went to Kenzie’s house; she prepared delicious dinner for us. On the way home, Janny kept telling me how good the food was, I’m going to ask for the recipes from her :D

        At Christmas Eve, we celebrated it in my house. I made some Western & Asian mixed food again, so special Christmas dinner. We liked the food except meatball, they are so salty, and I added too much salt:$ After dinner, we played a funny word game. I learned many English words from this game, also learned how to make English words ;) mom and dad left many gifts to our house, we also put the gifts from Meghan with our Christmas tree. There were so many gifts; mom told us open those gifts until Christmas Day. We looked at those gifts and controlled so badly, it was a long night, just waiting for tomorrow come soon.


        On Christmas day, I woke up early and I woke Janny up too, we finally could open all the gifts. That moment was wonderful; all of our favorite gifts and still have lots of surprises. Meghan texted me and told me the funny things about their gifts open, it made me laugh a lot. We dressed up all clothes from our gifts, and then we went to mom & dad’s house has a big lunch. The second big surprised came again, I got my favorite perfume from Kenzie, she still remembers how much I like her perfume. Janny got his favorite movie, he even couldn’t control until got home. He watched the movie with us in mom & dad’s house.

    We had a great Christmas holiday, we got all of our favorite gifts; all of our Christmas wishes came true. Santa really came, and it seems ‘he’ is not so far from us ;)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

We Have a Christmas Tree

      Dad and mom drove to our house sending their Christmas tree to us. It is a tall and chubby tree; mom helped us decorate all the toys on the tree. We turned on the tree's lights, wow... Our house suddenly looks noble, we like it!

      Before decorating the Christmas tree, we had our Eastern & Western mix dinner. I made some chicken drumsticks, fish, salad, and fried rice. Mom brought French bread, hmm yummy. The fish I made is kind of a success, but the chicken is a looser, it doesn't taste as good as I imagine. I had the Indian’s tandoori chicken, I tried to copy the flavor as my memory, but I failed. I need to change my recipe next time.
      I'm sitting next to the tree, the feeling is great! :D


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving in 2012

      It was my second Thanksgiving Day since I came to USA. This year we celebrated it in my sister Kenzie’s house. We had a lots of traditional Thanksgiving meal. Dad and Janny still making fun of me about 'Thank you, Turkey'.  Janny whispered to say' thank you'  to the turkey on his plate. But this time our Thanksgiving Day is a little bit different than last year, because we had a role play. Dad, Janny, Kenzie and I are Pilgrims. We took May Flower to got to USA, then we met the local Indians—Brig, Cate and a strawberry shortcake Maddie. Indians were kind to us, they taught us plant corn and vegetables. But one thing happened, one Indian guy saw my sister’s beauty and fall in love with her. :-O

      We had a big meal on that day. Mom prepared lots of delicious food—Turkey (yummy), mashed potatoes, pond cake, rolls and so on. Kenzie made some pies and a very tasty green beans food which I really like. I made some sweet & sour pork which brig likes , hot dog with eggs fried rice which dad likes.

      After had a good dinner, we were talking and played some games while Janny was watching movie with Cate and Maddie ( When can you grow up? )

      On the way home, I asked Janny drove me to Walmart. Walmart has the door buster in the night of Thanksgiving. I wanted to feel ‘The Black Friday’. After we finally found a parking place, we came to the store. Then I shocked, it made me feel like I came back to China. Big population in there, and we couldn’t move our steps. People got big stuff in their small cart, some familys even took their chairs sitting with their favorite products. In the end, Janny and I came out with nothing, I didn’t really know what I wanted to buy. But after felt ‘The Black Friday’, on the way home, I felt a little homesick.

Trip to see my sister

      We had a trip to see Meghan’s this month, it was a nice trip for us. Our plane at 6 am in the morning, but Janny and I were super excited, we couldn’t sleep the whole night at all. We left our house at 3 am to our parents’ house, even though we were still kind of late to get on the plane, because we spent long time for security check.

       We fianally got Meghan’s house in the afternoon, we were all tired but when we saw them we woke up again. Faye has been waiting for us long time, she greeted to all of us. Meghan prepared  our favorite dessert on our bed and a nice dinner for us, it was really fun to spend time with them.

       The next day, we went to Chicago. My family planed this trip for Janny and I, especially for me. We drove 2 hours to got the downtown of Chicago. I don’t know why Chicago was called “windy city”, for me it is an appropriate name, windy and cold. We had a very Chicago-style stuffed pizza as our lunch, yum!!! I like the crust, crisy but not very dry. After lunch, we walked on the commercial street to got our destination ‘The Bean’. On the way go home, dad went to his favorite store-apple, visted mini ipad.

       On Saturday it was Faye’s 2 year old birthday and Emerson’s 1 year old birthday. It was a successful party, we celebrated their birthday with Kody’s family. Children played many games and we  had good meal. Faye opend her gifts and then gave each person a big hug, Emerson was keep playing his wheels, so cute!!

       We left early morning from Meghan’s house, we didn’t wake them up when we left, they were tired and mom was very sick. We didn’t spend many days with them, but each time with them were happy. We are waiting to see them again!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Janny and I have a good valentine's day. He gave me lots of surprises, I have never know he is such a romantic man. (hehe, kind of )

The earlier morning, someone knocked our door and I got this
 After read the card, I'm going to look for the surprise, and then I found this                                              

He called me before he finished work 'hey panda, don't cook today just relax and watch 24.' So I listened to him, have a very good rest.:P
I also made some cookies and cakes for this valentine's day.

He came back with some more candys and a pizza, so we had a dinner at our apartment.

This is our valentine's day. I have told my sisters in law this is my first valentine's day, but it is a simple,sweet,beautiful and happy day. It gave me a good memory, I like valentine's day!